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Owner: Juan Berrueta
Current location: Madrid, Spain
Date: 2011

Teachers Gravitate to Social Networks Tailored for Educators

“A lot of teachers are on Facebook as general-population consumers,” said Jessie Arora, the founder of Teacher Square, an organization that helps teachers share information around educational technology. “[But] they aren’t on Facebook with their teacher hats on.”

For instance, 27 percent of respondents use Edmodo, the social learning site that is as much a classroom-management tool as it is a network. That’s up from 3 percent in 2007 and equal to membership on Google+.

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We used to think of a library as a building with stacks of books,” says Skinner, who has served as high school principal of the St. Louis Park, Minn., Catholic preparatory school since 2007. “Now we should think of it as a space where people come together to share ideas, be creative, access information, and even read. Instead of thinking of it so literally, we should think of it as a more active space and evolving.

// the fastest internet ever, just $49/night.//



Want internet that’s 100 times faster than what you’re used to?

You’ll need to make your way to Kansas City, home of the Google Fiber experiment. Except they don’t have it in hotels or coffee shops - only homes. So of course, there’s a hacker house for rent on Air BnB, where you can get a night in internet glory for the mere price of $49. Let’s go.

Why does a tragedy like 9/11 change everything about air travel, but numerous gun massacres CHANGE NOTHING?
Justine Bateman, hitting the nail on the head. (via coketalk)

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“When these things happen I react not as a president, but as a parent.”
-President Obama


Iconic Band Billboards of the Industry’s Golden Age

There was a period when record companies had piles of money, and when your rock star face on Sunset Strip meant something significant: it was your label’s way of vouching for you. And it cost a lot, and some of the results were kind of beautiful.

If you dig these, photog Robert Landau has a whole bookful. For a neat $31, Rock ‘n’ Roll Billboards of the Sunset Strip won’t just give you the potshots; it’ll give you the stories behind them, too.


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